Can my loan be sold after I get it and how do I know who the new lender is?

In the wholesale mortgage lending market, wholesale lenders do sell a majority of the loans they fund through the secondary mortgage market.  If your loan is sold, the new lender cannot change any of the terms and conditions of the original loan.  The only thing that changes is who you make the loan payments to and where you send the payments.


It is required by law that you receive a minimum of 15 days notice prior to your next payment that your loan has been sold and who it has been sold to.  When your next payment comes due, if you have not received anything from the new lender, call your old lender and find out the information on the new lender.  If you receive a letter after you have sent the most current payment to your previous lender, it is recommend that you call your previous lender 2 weeks after receiving the new lender's notice and verify the payment has been posted.  There have been times when a payment has not been handled correctly due to the sale of the loan and this may affect your credit.

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