AGM Capital Mortgage Corporation was formed to offer you, the consumer, the Lowest Rate at the Lowest Cost that you qualify for. The opening statement on our web page by Michael Girard is a true statement in the belief that you owe it to yourself to KNOW that your bottom line costs matter.

Purchasing your home is often your BIGGEST INVESTMENT. Yet, we consistently allow ourselves to be lured into dealing with the marketing schemes presented by misleading advertising or worse, salesmen out to take advantage of the misinformed Consumer. For a decision this BIG, you need an Advisor, not a salesman.

We believe our Education Section will help you with the tools you need to Shop Around for not only the best deal but the best professional loan officer that has your best interests at heart. We are not here to make a one time fee. We are here to make a long term commitment to your financial future and home ownership.

Our mission is to help you look at every avenue you have available to you to save money and how that will affect you now and in the future. We want you to be informed about the costs and the process, so you are confident you have the facts to make the right decision.

Michael Girard – Founder

Since first being licensed in 1978 as a real estate agent, then a broker in 1982, I have experienced the many ups and downs of both real estate and the financial markets. I have seen the good and bad business practices that small and large companies use to lure the consumer into why they offer the best deal. To me, the majority of people believe they got the best deal, when in fact, they may not have gotten the best deal. WHY! Simply put, they were told they did.

I believe a consumer must understand how important getting a Good Faith Estimate, up front, will help them compare their options. In the Always Question the Broker Fees on a Good Faith Estimate section, the example we show you is a true situation for Eric and Genevieve. They were dealing with a company that had a $1,000,000 plus advertising budget. I closed this loan and the $6000 they saved did not go into the company’s advertising budget.

Every day, millions of dollars in unnecessary fees are charged for loans because the consumer allows it to happen. I promised you, it won’t happen when dealing with AGM.

Michael Girard is a licensed California real estate broker. He formed and incorporated AGM Capital Mortgage Corporation in August, 2004 after working almost 7 years for a leading mortgage brokerage firm in Sacramento. The material in the website was developed so the consumer can hopefully obtain some knowledge and insight in asking the right questions, so they will not pay unnecessary fees and save thousands of dollars.

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